How can I obtain free bitcoin?
Can I acquire crypto for nothing? Yes. It’s actually probably simpler than you anticipate. Some ways to earn free cryptocurrency take little to no effort on your part, while others call for a small time commitment. The majority of these techniques are rather straightforward, and they have all been verified for your benefit.

8 ways for Indians to get free cryptocurrency
use a cryptocurrency credit card
Earn a profit on crypto you already possess
Obtain incentives and promotions
Discover cryptocurrency on a platform.
Play no cost games
Use a browser extension
benefit from airdrops
carry out quick jobs

Use a cryptocurrency credit card

Crypto credit cards and prepaid cards, which are relatively new to the world of crypto financial products, give you incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies. In place of cash-back or points, you earn cryptocurrency with these cards, which operate exactly like ordinary, conventional reward credit cards. For instance, the BlockFi Rewards Signature Visa Credit Card, which is currently only available to US citizens, gives 1.5% of every purchase back in cryptocurrency.

A prepaid card that can be loaded with either fiat money (in this case, USD) or cryptocurrency is the Visa card. You could be able to receive rewards of up to 8%, depending on the card tier. Every reward is given in CRO, the native token of the Chain, and put into your Crypto Wallet via the App.

Profit from the cryptocurrency you already hold.

Do you still have any cryptocurrency? Find a cryptocurrency savings account that will give you a yield in exchange for your cryptocurrency investment. But be warned, this is dangerous. Since most cryptocurrency savings accounts are uninsured, you risk losing everything if the exchange is compromised.

Seize incentives and promotions

Taking advantage of promotions and bonuses that offer free cryptocurrency in exchange for your enrollment, follow, or activity is an easy method to obtain free cryptocurrency. Keep an eye out for offers that reward you for actions like following and sharing cryptocurrency postings on social media, subscribing to a new podcast, or signing up for a newsletter. Many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges provide new members with a registration incentive. Utilizing a crypto platform already? You can suggest a friend and cash-in on the platform’s referral incentive.

Discover cryptocurrency on a platform

Earn crypto by learning it. Participating in instructional activities about cryptocurrency projects on a platform’s educational centre is a terrific way to earn free cryptocurrency. Some cryptocurrency services pay users for doing little more than viewing videos, reading articles, and the occasional quiz. You receive free cryptocurrency as you go further in the platform’s courses. Here are a few instances of places where you can get paid to learn:

Coinbase Earn
One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Coinbase, offers Coinbase Earn, a programme that lets you receive tokens in return for watching instructional films about particular cryptocurrencies.

CoinMarketCap offers movies about well-known and up-and-coming cryptocurrency ventures, much to Coinbase Earn. After watching these movies, ace the tests to demonstrate your understanding and get tokens.

LunarCrush is a platform that breaks down the confusing world of cryptocurrencies into manageable portions for you to eat. LunarCrush claims that as you use the platform more frequently, it becomes smarter and learns what interests you or not. You accrue points for participating on the network, which you can exchange for Lunr, the site’s utility currency.

On the PublishOX platform, users and authors can both earn free cryptocurrency. It’s fairly easy. After receiving a free cryptocurrency reward for reading an article, you are then asked how much you wish to split the reward with the author. Your account is immediately credited with the amount you specify.

PublishOX webpage

Play free games

Playing games that pay out in cryptocurrency is a fun way to earn free cryptocurrency. Play one of the games below to earn complimentary cryptocurrency in tiny amounts:

Coin Hunt Online
You can download Coin hunt World from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Play the game to receive Bitcoin or Ethereum as payment. Watch the following video to learn more about this game:

Play CryptoPop and receive rewards in Popcoin or Ethereum. To pop coins, group similar coins together. You score more points the more coins you are able to gather together. The larger the bonus you receive, the fewer coins you have left over at the end of each stage. In order to receive your bonus, you must register for a Coinbase account. You can get it through the Amazon Appstore or Google Play.

Play CryptoWord to gain Bitcoin. Words are created by joining letters. To earn 1 Satoshi, each word must earn at least 145 points (nano Bitcoin). You may buy it from the Google Play store.

Make use of a browser add-on

By just using a browser or installing an extension, you can earn free cryptocurrency.

Brave browser
Free and anonymous, the Brave browser gives you points for opting to watch adverts. If you want to sign up for Brave Rewards, you will be prompted when you download it. If you respond positively, you’ll only see premium advertisements and receive Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which you can exchange for practically anything, such as frequent airline miles or NFT purchases.

search engine for presearch
Presearch is a browser plugin that you can use in the Brave browser (to get even more rewards). You receive Presearch tokens (PRE) for utilising the decentralised search engine Presearch. Presearch also guarantees less advertising and more privacy.

browser add-on Lolli
The Lolli extension, which is comparable to the Honey extension, is another way to earn free cryptocurrency. Simply add it to your browser and start shopping online. Your Lolli wallet is credited with free Bitcoin or cashback from your transactions. You can enrol in Lolli’s international waitlist even if it is only now available in the US.

Benefit from airdrops

A cryptocurrency platform will “airdrop” tokens for free. Yes, this actually does occur, especially when a platform wants to increase the number of users using it or when a developer tries to attract users to a brand-new cryptocurrency. You must have a private wallet connected to the blockchain of the free cryptocurrency being given away (not a wallet on an exchange) in order to cash out on this offer. To increase your chances of receiving airdrops of new currencies generated on the Ethereum network, for instance, download the official Ethereum wallet. At, you can keep up with some of the most recent airdrops.

Carry out little jobs

You can obtain very little amounts of free cryptocurrency by completing microtasks on websites known as “crypto faucets.” Surveys, clicking on adverts, gaming, and video watching are just a few examples of tasks. It can take a very long time to accumulate enough points or tokens to redeem them, and these sites are frequently hotbeds for scammers. Bituro and Cointiply are two well-known cryptocurrency faucets that are worth checking out if you have a lot of free time and are interested in this concept.

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